2009 10 22

Tatsuya, a Minimal Tokyo resident DJ, will play on the main floor at Module this coming Friday, 10.23. With Kassem Mosse as a guest DJ it promises to be an interesting night, so e-mail us for discount!

2009 09 24

Minimal Tokyo resident Tatsuya will play in Ageha on September 26 with Akufen, Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts, Chic Miniature and Vincent Lemieux on the main floor. It is going to be an incredible night and you can get discount by following this link.

2009 09 20

The advanced tickets for Coded Culture Night are on sale! Please, order them from Pia, Lawson and e+:

P:336-155 / L:71975

2009 09 04

This coming Saturday, September 5, Minimal Tokyo residents Tatsuya and Shu Okuyama will play at the 9th installation of Phonika event. Its going to be a great music night, so email us for discount until 7pm Saturday.

2009 06 25

Minimal Tokyo DJs Ivan Kuzbass and Tatsuya will play at 9th Anniversary party of the legendary Tokyo club Soft on June 26, Friday. We will be joining forces with another resident techno event Alainbian Night and it promises to be a great party!

2009 06 19

Minimal Tokyo t-shirt was released by Paul Snowden / Berlin as part of his Wasted German Youth series. You can buy it here!

2009 06 19

Ivan Kuzbass, Minimal Tokyo resident DJ, will play at Sound On Sundays – a perfect day-time event with mellow techno music and BBQ outside. It will be right in the middle of Shibuya in and around club Oath this coming Sunday, June 21th from 3pm until 11:00pm.

2009 05 28

This is going to be busy weekend! Friday, May 29th Minimal Tokyo residents DJs Tatsuya and Kenshi will spin at Womb lounge at Tres Vibes with incredible Mountain People on the main stage. Saturday, May 30th, Tatsuya will play in UNIT Saloon floor at the Real Grooves, one of the most respected Tokyo techno formats, with Fumiya Tanaka (op.disk) and Stewart Walker (Persona Records, Tresor) from Berlin on main floor. Its tough choice and Minimal Tokyo recommends – go to both!

2009 04 30

May 1 is the International Workers Day! Our dear comrade DJ Mieko is back from Berlin with a special guest: a legendary DJ and producer Elbee Bad (Gigolo, Highgrade / Berlin). They will be joined by such fine Tokyo techno DJs as Kihara Naoki and Minimal Tokyo Crew including Ivan Kuzbass and Tatsuya. Workers of the world will unite in club Soft from 10pm, May 1 2009.

2009 04 03

Shu Okuyama, one of the Minimal Tokyo resident artists, will play at Gelmannica Festival at Tokyo club UNIT on April 10, 2009. The main floor will feature live performances by such incredible electronic music artists as Apparat, Magnum 38 and Ed Chamberlain. In addition Minimal Tokyo VJs crew – Spielfilm, Bento and Moa – will do the visuals. The door opens 23:00, with Y3500 yen at the door and Y3000 with flyer.

2009 03 17

This coming Thursday, March 19th DJ Tatsuya, a resident Minimal Tokyo DJ, will play at dB UKi Events in UNIT featuring Oliver Ho who will be playing a 4-hour set. The full line up can be seen here.

2009 02 27

Minimal Tokyo residents DJ Tatsuya and VJ Spielfilm will play at Real Groove 33 at UNIT on February 28th, 2009. The main floor acts Mike Shannon (Cynosure, Wagon Repair) and Alex Smoke (Soma, Vakant) promise a very exciting night. The full line up can be seen here, and e-mail Minimal Tokyo for discount entry.

2009 02 12

Minimal Tokyo flyer designed by Paul Snowden was selected to be included into “Our Cultural History” book, which is a stunning collection of 30 prints documenting club culture, bound in a cardboard cover. The book was launched on 12 Feb at the opening of ArtCore exhibition at Selfridges gallery in London, which is the first exhibition celebrating the visual side of 20 years of dance culture featuring artwork from the most iconic clubs and raves of that period. More information can be found here.

2008 12 29

The annual Minimal Tokyo Bonenkai party will be on December 30th at Soft. Minimal Tokyo DJs Tatsuya, Ivan Kuzbass, Shu Okuyama and Gelman will be joined by Valentino de Bronff and DJ Hina (REFLEK/no borders). Opens at 10:00pm.

2008 12 12

Minimal Tokyo resident VJ Spielfilm will play at club UNIT on December 13 along with incredible John Tejada (Palette, Poker Flat) at Real Groove volume 32. A combination of beautiful, melodic techno that John Tejada is known for and mesmerizing visuals by Spielfilm promise a very exciting night.

2008 11 25

Minimal Tokyo resident DJ Tatsuya will play at a Solfa lounge in Nakameguro on December 6, 2008 with guest artists DJ WADA (co-fusion) and DJ Sodeyama. Click here for time, cover charge and discount information.

2008 11 19

Minimal Tokyo DJ Ivan Kuzbass will play with legendary Berlin DJ Monika Kruse at club Warehouse on November 22, Saturday. Monika Kruse, one of the most influential techno artists today, will be launching her new album “Changes of Perception”. Check London Calling for more information or take a look at flyer (front and back). E-mail to Minimal Tokyo for discount.

2008 08 21

This coming Thursday, August 28th Minimal Tokyo resident DJ Tatsuya will play in lounge floor of club Module. Duesseldorf based techno producer Olivier Hacke (Trapez/Traum) will rock the main floor. This is a perfect way to start weekend early, check here for more information.

2008 08 18

Minimal Tokyo resident VJ Spielfilm will team up with VJ Autonograph (a.k.a Yasu) to perform at the Metamorphose music festival: the best and the only music festival for electronic and dance music in Japan. Its will take place in mountains of Izu on August 23.

2008 07 30

Minimal Tokyo resident DJs Tatsuya and Ivan Kuzbass will play at Organza 2nd Anniversary party in Colors Studio on August 1. Guest artists are Matt John (Minus, Perlon) and Ryo Murakami (Poker Flat, Dessous), see flier for more information.

2008 07 04

Minimal Tokyo visual artist Spielfilm will perform for Real Grooves event in UNIT on July 20th with Akufen and Deadbeat on the main floor. That will be the night not to be missed!

2008 06 25

Womb party with Alex Under and Tadeo where Minimal Tokyo collaborated with Organza was great! Check party report with photos by Naoko Maeda from the main floor and Minimal Tokyo lounge.

2008 06 09

Minimal Tokyo always stands for the right cause. We support United Nations Refugee Film Festival that will take place on June 20-27, 2008 in Tokyo and bring a new collection of feature and documentary films on forced migration.

2008 05 08

The latest issue of Metropolis, “Japan’s No. 1 English Magazine,” features a nice interview by Don Crispy with our guest artists Max Hattler and Robert Seidel. Don kindly mentions their upcoming performance in Liquid Loft at Minimal Tokyo 9.

2008 04 25

Minimal Tokyo resident Ivan Kuzbass will play in the upstairs lounge of club Yellow on May 3. This is the last time a legendary Chaos party produced by Fumiya Tanaka will take place in Yellow. Melchior Productions will play on the main floor.

2008 04 21

Minimal Tokyo resident Tatsuya will join Valentino De Bronff (Minimood/UK) and Nobuki (Warszawa) for a relaxed evening of deep house and deep techno at UC lounge on May 1st. The music starts from 20:00 and goes until midnight. Free entry.

2008 03 29

If you find yourself in Stockholm on April 12, head to Morfar Ginko’s Basement for some minimal beats by Minimal Tokyo resident Ivan Kuzbass and WDJ 1979, with visuals by Shantell Martin.