Phonika 2nd Anniversary
Terry Francis
2010 11 09 / UNIT

Minimal Tokyo will join PHONIKA to celebrate it second anniversary with a night of finest electronic dance music at the famous Tokyo club UNIT on Saturday, September 11, 2010.

Minimal Tokyoは、2010年9月11日に東京のクラブ・UNITで行われる PHONIKA の2nd Anniversaryに参加します。

On the main floor TERRY FRANCIS, a legendary London DJ and Fabric resident, will play his sleek and highly individual selection of techno and house music that had made him a top British DJ. He will be joined by Tokyo-based Xavier Morel as well as Phonika resident DJs and founders Alex Einz and Groove Patrol. An electronic music trio Spek, comprising So Inagawa, Eri and Sackrai, will deliver a live performance.

Terry Francis (Fabric).

メインフロアには、ロンドンの老舗 クラブFabricでもレジデントを努める伝説のDJ、TERRY FRANCIS がついに登場。トップBritish DJとして世界が認める、スムースかつ独特な選曲でフロアを沸かす彼のプレイがUNITで実現!さらに東京ベースで活動している Xavier Morel 、Phonikaからは Alex Einz とGroove Patrolも参加。その他、 So Inagawa (Minimood/Multi Vitamins)、Sackrai (Minimood/Archipel) とボーカル Eriから構成されたエレクトロニックミュージックトリオ「 Spek 」が、ライブパフォーマンスを行います。

MINIMAL TOKYO collective will produce Saloon lounge with long-term Minimal Tokyo resident DJs Shu Okuyama and Valentino de Bronff playing the finest selection of minimal techno and house. Minimal Tokyo DJs will be joined by Salmon, a producer and founder of a renowned Tokyo record label WC Recordings, Tomotsugu Kondo from Timothy Really, as well as Phonika resident DJs Hirose and Yuki Tsukinaga.

Shu Okuyama (Minimal Tokyo, Milnormodern)

Saloon では、Minimal TokyoレジデントDJの Shu OkuyamaValentino de Bronff が洗練されたミニマルテクノ/ハウスをプレイ。そして、東京のレコードレーベル WC Recordings の創設者 Salmon やTimothy Reallyからは Tomotsugu Kondo、さらにPhonikaからは Yuki TsukinagaとDJ Hiroseがsaloonフロアをサポート。

With such international stars as Terry Francis and some of the best DJs and producers from Tokyo electronic music scene Phonika Second Anniversary party will be an unforgettable event not to be missed!

TERRY FRANCISの伝説のプレイはもちろん、東京のエレクトロニックミュージックシーンをリードしてきたPhonikaの Second Anniversaryをお見逃しなく!


Terry Francis (Fabric),
Xavier Morel,
Spek (Timothy Really) – Live,
Alex Einz (Phonika),
Groove Patrol (Phonika).


Shu Okuyama (Minimal Tokyo, Milnormodern Records),
Valentino de Bronff (Minimal Tokyo, Minimood),
Salmon (WC),
Yuki Tsukinaga (Phonika),
Tomotsugu Kondo (Timothy Really),
Hirose (Phonika)


UNIT in Daikanyama.

Date and Time

September 11, 2010
23:30 ~

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