Minimal Tokyo meets UBIK
2010 2 12 / UNIT

Minimal Tokyo crew is teaming up with UBIK for a great minimal techno night at the legendary Tokyo club UNIT on Friday, February 12, 2009.

The guest artist Dinky (Horizontal, Vakant, Wagon Repair), also known as Alejandra Iglesias, is a Chelian-born and Berlin-based electronic music producer with a passion for house and techno with minimal edge. She will share the main floor with DJ Matthew Styles who is also from Berlin and a Tokyo-based DJ Sodeyama (Archipel, No:More Rec).

Minimal Tokyo crew will take over deep and dark Saloon lounge, where Minimal Tokyo co-founder DJ Tatsuya and Minimal Tokyo resident artist Shu Okuyama (Milnormodern) will join forces with electronic music producer Ametsub (nothing66) and DJ Valentino De Bronff (Minimood) to deliver some of the most sophisticated blend of minimal techno and house.

Dinky a.k.a. Alejandra Iglesias.

Main floor

Guest Live:
Dinky (Horizontal, Vakant, Wagon Repair).

DJs: Matthew Styles and
DJ Sodeyama (Archipel, No:More Rec).


Minimal Tokyo DJs:
Tatsuya and Shu Okuyama (Milnormodern)
... also
Ametsub (nothing66) and
Valentino de Bronff (Minimood).


Unit in Ebisu, Tokyo.

Date and Time

February 12th, 2010
23:30 ~

Cover Charge

¥3500 with flyer.

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